At Tenaga, we aim on:-


Management Service

  • Leased Contract
  • Profit Sharing Contract
  • Management Contract
  • A combination of the above

Management and Operation

We with our experience & on user’s note have identified that: Location, Price, Service, Efficiency, Security and Cleanliness are all critical factors when deciding on a parking venue.
Tenaga takes into account all the above factors to provide a vital service of the car parking in order to meet all the service requirements. As a result, since Tenaga is taking care of everything concerning the parking management & related services so that owners will have more time and effort to concentrate on their core business.

Consultancy Service

  • Overall car park management and operation.
  • Car parking management consulting services.
  • Serve as a consultant to owner or the appointed owner
  • Increase Parking Operations efficiency
  • Provide audit and administration support
  • Ensures a high standard of customer service
  • Maximizes profits

As Parking Specialists, Tenaga provides Consultancy Services for projects before or during the construction stage which assist developers in the set up of their parking facilities. Our consultancy services covers every aspect of the car parking business, or develop a comprehensive car parking management solution that's right for site with a aim of high standard of customer service and maximization of profit.

Technical Service

  • Ingress and Egress points
  • Revenue and Access Control equipment
  • Traffic Flow & Signage
  • Lighting, mirrors and humps
  • Intercom and counting system
  • Design and Implementation of Mechanized/Robotic Parking Systems

Tenaga Parking provides a range of specialist car parking services that are designed to ensure the best customer service, safe and convenient circulation, adequate allocation of bays, efficient ingress and egress to and from the property, reliable parking management system and signage, easy to use equipment and the introduction of the most appropriate new technology. The key strength behind the Tenaga’s experience is our approach and operational method to provide solution to our clients. Some of the technical inputs given are;

  • Traffic Impact, Parking Demand Analysis
  • Feasibility and Revenue Modeling
  • Parking Strategy and Design Review
  • Parking Management System Design
  • Signage and Way Finding Review


We are committed to pursue our Vision and Mission in all our business