Tenaga stands for facilitating Total Quality Service in execution of providing parking & traffic management.


The Company operates more than 20,000 parking facilities. We have fostered a strong partnership network & dynamically varied by operating the parking facilities such as shopping centers, offices, hotels, hospitals, airports, ranging from small sites to large sites and supported by the training staff a reliable and efficient by adopting training programs at home & abroad.



  • Tenaga offers comprehensive procurement services including parking facility, traffic management with effective monitoring.
  • Tenaga has developed expertise for effective management of parking & traffic control having significant information on capable & trained staffs.
  • In short span of time this has resulted in providing world class parking & traffic mgmt. services at low investment & operational cost


  • Corporate Office: Gurgaon, India
  • Worldwide Offices: Malaysia, Sri Lanka


  • To Control Operations
  • To Minimize Operation Disruptions
  • To Reduce your Investment & Operating cost
  • To Increase your Profitability