Management Service

  • Leased Contract
  • Profit Sharing Contract
  • Management Contract
  • A combination of the above

Management and Operation

We with our experience & on user’s note have identified that: Location, Price, Service, Efficiency, Security and Cleanliness are all critical factors when deciding on a parking venue.
Tenaga takes into account all the above factors to provide a vital service of the car parking in order to meet all the service requirements. As a result, since Tenaga is taking care of everything concerning the parking management & related services so that owners will have more time and effort to concentrate on their core business.

Leased Contract:

TENAGA will undertake to pay the owner a guaranteed fixed rental per month
This is subject to:

  • TENAGA will retain all revenues from the operation of the parking facility, inclusive of carwash and other utility stores
  • TENAGA will undertake the required improvements to the parking facility, and the maintenance of such improvements
  • TENAGA will undertake the operational cost of the parking facility, excluding security, electricity and structural maintenance
  • TENAGA will pay the government vat

Other terms and conditions to be mutually agreed by both parties, prior to commencement.

TENAGA will undertake to share the Net Profits from the operations of the parking facility with the owner
This is subject to:

  • The Net Profit is determined as the gross car park collections, less the fixed monthly Direct Operating Cost (DOE) and other government imposed taxes, if any
  • The DOE is predetermined prior to commencement, and fixed for the term of the contract
  • The cost of improvements is built into the monthly DOE

Other terms and conditions to be mutually agreed by both parties, prior to commencement.

Management Contract

A combination of above