• Shift maintenance
  • Simple and easy to operate
  • One key login/power off
  • Season Access
  • Multi ticket collection
  • Multiple Collection and Payment logic
Advance Series is specially designed and developed as a business tool to meet today's market needs of parking industry. It can be easily extended at any time with our smart ticket dispensers as the site requires. It is specifically designed for affordable, easy maintenance and low operating costs. Ticketing and collection logic can be configured with ease without any programmatic dependence from vendor.
CPMS-Advance Series is the breakthrough parking equipment and management system that will thrust business dynamically into the new era.
  • Ease of Rate Package setup.
  • One screen view for the controls (Barrier, vehicle presence, etc).
  • Car Queue management prolonging barrier lifespan.
  • Flexible validation.
  • Independent process for entry/exit.
  • Multiple endorsement rates packages can be defined
  • Overnight parking handling.
  • Intelligent and flexible calculation (automatic) for maximum/minimum rate.
  • Independent manual overriding process for payments/ticket