Tenaga stands for facilitating Total Quality Service in execution of providing parking & traffic management.


The Company operates more than 20,000 parking facilities. We have fostered a strong partnership network & dynamically varied by operating the parking facilities such as shopping centers, offices, hotels, hospitals, airports, ranging from small to large sites.


  • Tenaga offers comprehensive procurement services including parking facility, traffic management with effective monitoring.
  • Tenaga has developed expertise for effective management of parking & traffic control having significant information on capable & trained staffs.
  • In short span of time this has resulted in providing world class parking & traffic management. Services at low investment & operational cost
  • Corporate Office: Gurgaon, India
  • Worldwide Offices: Malaysia, Sri Lanka
  • To Control Operations
  • To Minimize Operation Disruptions
  • To Reduce your Investment & Operating cost
  • To Increase your Profitability



Tenaga Parking is one of the international players in the parking industry with its presence in India, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. The Company operates more than 20,000 parking facilities Collectively Tenaga key management has over 50 years of experience in parking industry.

Tenaga focus is to be a leading parking traffic management service company with the focus of improving both customer service to patrons and profitability to owners.

Our logo consists of three. The smallest triangle represents the "End-to-End Solutions" we provide to our customers, the triangle in the middle represents that we are "Service Oriented" and last but not the least, the outermost triangle represent our passion for the service by "Customer Satisfaction".


Our mission is to provide the highest quality services to our clients; to deliver top-class solutions and deliverables, and to help our clients excel by enabling them to leverage the full potential of their organizations. We are known for our knowledge, responsiveness, friendliness and our strength is our people, whose skill, knowledge and integrity keep us in the forefront of our industry.


To be the preferred service provider for parking solution services in Malaysia, India and other Asia Pacific Region.


" Committed for Guaranteed Service & Customer Satisfaction "

Unquestioned integrity in every aspect of our business

  • A personal commitment to a strong work ethic and achieving results
  • Commitment to exceeding customer expectation
  • Aggressive, persistent and creative pursuit of opportunities
  • Operating in a fiscally sound manner
  • Recognition of the importance of our people


Underscoring Tenaga’s Parking commitment to integrity and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations is the Tenaga’s Parking Compliance Program. All employees are expected to abide by the spirit and the letter of Tenaga’s Parking Code of Conduct and Compliance Policies.

  • Obey all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Be fair and honest in all business activities and relationships.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest.
  • Support diversity and foster an atmosphere of respect and equal opportunity for all employees.
  • Strive to create a safe and healthy environment for employees and customers.
  • Record all transactions accurately and timely and safeguard company assets.


At TENAGA we recognize the need to be proactive in our approach to environmental sustainability. As a result, we have developed strategies that not only enable us to meet future regulatory demands but also demonstrate our position of industry leadership. By understanding the parking needs of every group, we can develop a localized marketing strategy to attract more customers to a car park. Though in a short time TENAGA is continuously trying to develop leading marketing innovations to further assist in driving customer satisfaction and building loyalty with Quality.